Monday, April 20, 2015

Lylah Rae 1 month

The first month with Lylah was all about adjusting. Olivia adjusting to having a sister and Tony and I adjusting to having two kids. We had to figure out how to manage this while I recovered from my csection and couldn't do much of anything. It was a little crazy and stressful at times but we got through it. We love Lylah so much that even after only a month, it was hard to imagine not having her! 

She is so sweet and beautiful already! Much like her big sis, she was pretty wide eyed and always taking things in. She was lifting up her head a little before we even left the hospital! She nursed a lot during this first month! Many days I rarely left the couch because I was feeding her so much! She was waking every 2-3 hours to nurse but never stayed up any longer than it took to eat! 

She has met a lot of people in this month! She's been going to church since her first Sunday home! She celebrated two holidays, St Patrick's Day and Easter! 

Overall she has been a great baby and we all love her very much! Watching her grow and develop has been a blast but of course, it's already going way too fast!! 

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