Monday, April 20, 2015

Lylah Rae 1 month

The first month with Lylah was all about adjusting. Olivia adjusting to having a sister and Tony and I adjusting to having two kids. We had to figure out how to manage this while I recovered from my csection and couldn't do much of anything. It was a little crazy and stressful at times but we got through it. We love Lylah so much that even after only a month, it was hard to imagine not having her! 

She is so sweet and beautiful already! Much like her big sis, she was pretty wide eyed and always taking things in. She was lifting up her head a little before we even left the hospital! She nursed a lot during this first month! Many days I rarely left the couch because I was feeding her so much! She was waking every 2-3 hours to nurse but never stayed up any longer than it took to eat! 

She has met a lot of people in this month! She's been going to church since her first Sunday home! She celebrated two holidays, St Patrick's Day and Easter! 

Overall she has been a great baby and we all love her very much! Watching her grow and develop has been a blast but of course, it's already going way too fast!! 

Adventures of a Toddler: Becoming a Big Sister

I just want to take a minute to brag on how great Olivia has done with the baby! She has her moments of jealousy or really needing/missing all the attention, especially from mommy; but over all she has done so well with this transition! She loves her little sister so very much. She is always telling us how beautiful Lylah is and how she loves her. She is also the biggest help with her. She does everything from running and getting things to bouncing or rocking her in her seat to help her fall asleep. It is just the sweetest thing seeing them interact! This morning when Olivia woke up and Lylah heard her voice she smiled the biggest smile! I hope they always have a strong bond and are the best friends! 

She always wants to ride like this in the cart.. Makes fitting groceries a bit tough lol

She always wants lylah included in what she's doing, even bath time! 

Always wanting to hold sissy! 
Late night snuggles! 

Giving check ups

Monday morning cuddles and playing! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Adventures of a Toddler: breastfeeding

Ok so if you aren't comfortable with breastfeeding stories you should just stop reading here. Olivia is learning all about breastfeeding now that she has a baby sister and her little comments and actions are just too cute not to share! 

Even though I tried to prepare her, I wasn't too sure what she would think about breastfeeding once she actually saw it. She nursed for about 16 months but of course she doesn't remember. So before hand when we would talk about the baby she always said she would feed her. And we told her she drinks mamas milk. But she was convinced she has mama milk too and could give it to the baby. 

The first time she was with her she got hungry and she wanted to give her goldfish crackers, I said no she drinks mommy milk and fed her. No questions asked. I thought it was great she just accepted it. 

Well, the next time I fed her, Olivia was watching me real close and said "Mommy is that your boobies?" I had to laugh. 

But it gets even better! Another time she said, "Is her drinking juice or milk?" I said,"milk, that's all she eats right now." Olivia said, "No that side is juice and that side is milk!" And now always refers to one as milk, the other juice and has to let us know which one Lylah is drinking at the time. Lol 

Then she has also asked if Lylah has chocolate or strawberry in her milk. She can't understand why she wouldn't want a flavor in there. 

Everytime she cries she tell me Lylah needs a drink. If someone else is hold her she will insist they give her to mommy so she can drink milk. 

And there's my personal favorite "Olivia breastfeeding moment," yesterday I look over and she had my Lanolin and was putting it on her finger. I said, "what in the world are you doing?" She  said, "I'm using this!" "Do you even know what that's for?" "Yes, it's for your boobies. You put bit on your big boobies and I'm putting it on my little boobies! I'm going to feed babies!" Then she put it on! Haha and of course I took a picture! 

As you can see, there is rarely a dull moment with this child! I love her so much and she is so innocent and sweet! She is always making us laugh! Watching her grow is so much fun!! 

Lylah Rae Tully

Okay so I have come to terms with the fact that I am awful at keeping up with a blog. That's ok though at least I check in every now and then! 

This time I am writing about our newest addition to the family! On March 6,2015 at 2:29 am, we had another baby girl! She came into the world weighing 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long! 

She came two weeks early and one week before her scheduled csection! It was a regular night and though I was feeling crummy I honestly did not expect to go into labor anytime soon. We had just watched Greys Anatomy and were starting Scandal (we are exciting people I know) and at exactly 9 pm my water broke! My water never broke with Olivia so I wasn't sure that's what it was! I ran to the bathroom and it just kept coming so I knew that's what it was. I was yelling for Tony and he wasn't coming. I sent Olivia to get him and still nothing. I couldn't figure out what he was doing. I finally come out and he has on headphones and was reading a book! I told him my water broke. We called the do for and packed up and left for the hospital. We weren't sure how long it would take because there had been so much snow (8 inches) the day before. 

We got to the hospital and after a few issues with Olivia not having her shot record they took us straight to a room because it was obvious my water broke! They asked if I wanted to try a vaginally birth since I went on my own but we decided to stick to the plan of csection. There were just too many risks that we didn't want to take. I had to labor for about 5 hours due to the OR being super booked but my contractions never got too painful really. Once we finally got to go back I was so nervous and excited! 
I couldn't believe she was actually coming that night! 

She was born at 2:29am and was absolutely perfect! Throughout my pregnancy Tony and I talked several times about how we didn't know how we could love another person as much as we loved Olivia but the minute we saw her both our hearts figured it out! She was so tiny and perfect! Bedsides her hair, she looked exactly like her big sister! It felt so happy to finally have her with us in our arms! Our little family was finally complete! Love you so much Lylah Rae! :) 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Been forever..

Well it has been way too long since I have updated this blog! Mostly because I have been so super sick! We are excited to announce that we are expected another little one in March. This little one has not been so nice to mommy and I have had one problem after another pretty much from conception! 

Anyway, I want to talk more about Olivia than about that! Since I have last wrote, she has turned 2! I am pretty sure she is 2 going on 12! She loved having a birthday party and in fact tells us multiple times a day that "she is going to have another one birthday!" This has been going on for 3 months now! But I am glad she had a great day! It was simple due to my being so sick but the great thing about toddlers is that simple is just fine with them! 

Olivia is one of the smartest 2 year olds I know! She has full conversations with us now. She talks so grown up it amazes most people that she is only just 2. She  can sing the entire alphabet, can count to 15, and loves to pray to God! 

She also loves to sing! Some of her favorites are Jesus Loves Me, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Happy and You Know It, and ABCDs! I just love listening to her sing and dance! 

She has grown into the absolute sweetest little girl! She consoles people when they cry or seem sad, she loves to give "big hugs," kisses, and Eskimo kisses! She is a huge mamas girl but also has her times where she just wants daddy! Her favorite thing to do with daddy is read lots of stories and be silly! She loves to give us both check ups, especially shots! She also loves to kiss my belly and talk about the baby in there! 

Just as most toddlers do, she has many words that she mispronounces or says wrong. Some of my favorites are "gookies" (cookies), mashed tatatos (potatoes), "sketty cheese" (cottage cheese), "buppies" (bubble guppies), and "accinent" (accident). Today she said one of my favorites which was "my friend is getting on my "nervous" (nerves)! It was really cute! 

Anyway, I could go on forever about all the sweet and funny things my daughter does! I just love her so much! It is bittersweet watching her grow up but so much fun! I couldn't be more proud to be her mommy! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

We had a really great Memorial Day! Started things out with the parade and a 2 mile run. Then we basically spent the rest of the day outside playing and had a cookout with family and friends! I am
am so thankful for those who have given their lives and served this country so that we have the freedom to such a great day!  Here are some pictures from our weekend! 
Heading to church to thank God for those that serve and our freedom! 
Heading to the parade! 


Sidewalk chalk!! 

A little pool time! 
Popsicles with Dex waiting on everyone to come over! 
Cookout time!!  Yay! 
She needed 2 plates for all her food! :) 

Bubble time! So fun! 

Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the evening with us! It was a lot of fun!! Happy Memorial Day! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

   I know I say it all the time but there is nothing I love more than being a mother! My daughter brings so much joy and laughter to my life! She also brings a lot of worry and stress! Being a mom is hard work, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! 
    We celebrated this year by visiting my grandparents in Indiana/Illinois. It was a great and relaxing weekend spent laughing and loving each other! Olivia was the center of attention and she loved that! She really loves spending time with her grandparents and great grandparents. We missed her daddy but it was still a fun time!  
    Here are a few pictures of our time. God sure has blessed me with some great family! 

Great grampy was painting her nails! 

Ready for church! 

Lighting was bad but I love this picture! 

Beautiful orchids Tony had for me when I got home! 
She fell asleep with daddy! She had been missing him so much! 

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and didn't forget to thank God for blessing you with all the mothers and/or children in your life!